2012 Pole Shift

Pole Shift in 2012 and Catastrophism Theory

Among the variety of possible catastrophic events in 2012, one, that often appears in public debate is pole shift 2012. The roots of this theory may be found in the works of authors studying various archaeological discoveries, of which many suggest the occurrence of global cataclysms in Earth's past.

When will a pole shift happen...

Cataclysm 2012 Catastrophe 2012 Pole Shift in 2012

Will the poles shift in 2012?

The prediction of global catastrophe in 2012 had for a long time a substantial base of followers - but the screening of blockbuster movie “2012” have further added to the popular interest

Pole shift / geomagnetic reversal

What is really controversial in these findings, is the proposed placement of the cataclysmic changes in timeline - some researchers have shocked the scientific world by stating, that their happening was much closer to our present time, than it's commonly accepted.

Also, the possible cause of past catastrophes is a hot topic in debates addressing the 2012 predictions, as it's often suggested, that “how it has happened in the past, will recur in the future”.

The discussions understandably gain momentum as we near the end of Mayan Long Count calendar on December 21, 2012 and this fact further amplifies the feelings of uncertainty regarding our future.

  • When will the next pole shift occur?
  • Will the polar shift happen in 2012?

Within the larger crowd of 2012 galactic alignment theory believers are those, who firmly adhere to the view, that this phenomenon - allegedly to conclude on December 21, 2012 - will cause a pole shift in 2012. Other possibilities, which are often listed as the causes of predicted global changes, are: solar storm and giant solar flare eruption directed at Earth, and Nibiru / Planet X return.

It should be pointed out, that within this theory the catastrophic solar flare threatening Earth is thought to be caused by very unusual external factors. One of them would be the galactic alignment; according to this scenario the Sun would effectively act as a relay, passing and transforming energy from the center of the Milky Way galaxy to the inner Solar System in the form of violent bursts of plasma and increased radiation. The Earth with its atmosphere and magnetic field around would become a coil and a capacitor circuit, thus prone to resonance, reacting to the Sun's activity by tilting on its axis or even completely stopping the rotation, until the external factor disappears or diminishes.

Passage of the Planet X between the Sun and Earth (or this time behind the Sun, according to different version) could be the other possible initiator of the predicted cataclysm in 2012.

Should we expect catastrophes in 2012?

Planet X Nibiru 2012 Pole Shift solar flare 2012 magnetic reversal 2012 pole shift 2012 catastrophe

Will there be catastrophic events in 2012?

Planet X / Nibiru passage is often suggested as the major possible cause of the cataclysmic pole shift.

However, we don't have a convincing proof of Planet X existence and we have still much to learn about the longer cycles of our nearest star - the Sun (we're usually observing its whims in the form of increased activity and solar flares, and then wonder if CME will hit us this time or not).

Galactic alignment 2012 theory is probably the most controversial of all the proposed causes and currently can't be proven scientifically - in fact, most of the time, mainstream scientists expressly deny its plausibility.

On the other hand, there are geological reports telling us, that pole shifts* happened in the past. According to some researchers, it happened very fast and started almost suddenly...

* Here instead of the shift we should rather call it reversal. More on that later.

There is a theory (though not supported by today's science) that the pole shift involves a sliding of the crust of the Earth over the mantle. Once the shift has occurred, there is a different area of the globe at the North and South Pole.

When looking at the proposed theory of a giant comet-planet 4-6 times bigger than the Earth and of much greater mass passing in our vicinity, it seems likely, that such an extraordinary cosmic event could disturb the Sun-Earth-Moon gravitational balance and possibly cause a pole shift. Then it would be quite reasonable to expect an event on a scale of global cataclysm, as any bigger change in the rotation axis of the Earth, or its spin rate could be catastrophic.

Catastrophism: A theory that says the geological features of the Earth were formed by a series of sudden, violent catastrophes, rather than a slow evolutionary process.

One of the most influential proponents of “catastrophic world view” and destructive pole shift theory was Immanuel Velikovsky - Russian scientist living in the years 1895-1979.

After studying many historical records, he became convinced that one of the greatest changes on Earth's surface and in living of the species should be linked to global cataclysm, which, according to him, happened suddenly.

However, he attributed its cause to planet Venus.

Planet Venus

In his books “Worlds in Collision” “Earth in Upheaval” Velikovsky describes how 3,500 years ago Venus was ejected from Jupiter as a comet and moving through the Solar System finally found its orbit.
By then its gravitational field affected orbits and rotational speed of other planets - including Earth's - leading to global cataclysm, whose traces can be found in fossils, but the mark of which should also be located in the ancient records and mythology.

Velikovsky suggesting these ideas in the 40s and 50s was rejected by the scientific community.
But later discoveries concerning Jupiter confirmed one of his statements.

60 years ago it was commonly considered a fantasy, yet today it is accepted by the scientific world that an asteroid was the main reason of the dinosaurs' extinction. What may be accepted tomorrow?

There is a possibility, that the meaning of some of the ancient legends is misinterpreted and what they seem to point to, and we call “Planet X”, might really be planet Venus (then Jupiter would be the true initiator of the ancient cosmic disaster).

However, Planet X theory supporters usually deny such a possibility, claiming that Velikovsky - although being right in great most of his observations and theories - has mistakenly assigned past catastrophes to Venus, effectively negating much older written accounts of catastrophes on Earth and of sudden changes in the entire Solar System.

Should we expect cataclysmic pole shift in 2012?

Cataclysm 2012 Catastrophe 2012 Polar Shift in 2012

Is the polar shift going to happen on December 21, 2012?

The cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis suggests that there have been geologically rapid shifts in the relative positions of the modern-day geographic locations of the poles and the axis of rotation of the Earth, creating calamities such as floods and tectonic events (after Kiger, Patrick J. in “Ends of the Earth: Shifting of the Poles”, National Geographic)

Other well-known proponent of polar shift theory was American college history professor Charles H. Hapgood (1904-1982).

In books “The Earth's Shifting Crust”, “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” and “The Path of the Pole” he has put forward the hypothesis, that the Earth's crust (the lithosphere) moves occasionally over the liquid inner layer, effectively shifting the continents and causing polar wandering. Hapgood provided evidence, that the last shift of the outer shell of the Earth took place in relatively recent time, at the closing of the last Ice Age.

However, dominant in his beliefs was that such changes don't happen very quickly. He estimated, that each shift took about 5 thousand years to complete and was followed by 20 to 30 thousand year periods of stillness with no polar movements.

Worth noting is the fact, that the concept of a global catastrophe incorporated in “2012” movie was based primarily on Charles Hapgood's theories, as the authors of the screenplay, Roland Emmerich and Harald Kloser, have revealed.

Destructive Pole Shift or a mere Geomagnetic Reversal

Geomagnetic reversals have already happened 171 times in the last 76 milion years, with at least 14 of those reversals occuring in the last 4.5 million years.

Solar wind

The last geomagnetic reversal occured 780,000 years ago and humans survived it. It is not known what exactly happens during magnetic field restart, but there is a theory suggesting that solar winds externally create magnetic field which could serve as a protection from the cosmic rays, just when the Earth's own magnetic forces are diminished.

Scientists have not reached a consensus on what causes pole reversal. Some assume that it might be an inherent effect of the nature of the planet's magnetic field. Others attribute it to external factors.

Out of a recent research emerged a controversial hypothesis, that Earth's magnetic field may be linked to ocean currents and that the movements of such enormous volumes of salt water should be taken into account as a significant source of magnetism.

The salt in seawater allows it to conduct electricity, meaning it generates electrical and magnetic fields as it moves.

Therefore, greater changes in ocean circulation (for example caused by global climate change) could be linked to disruptions in Earth's magnetic field. Yet, the scientific community generally rejects this theory.

  • Will the poles reverse in 2012? Will poles switch in 2012?
  • When will the pole shift happen?
Will pole shift happen in 2012?

Scientists agree that Earth's magnetic fields are weakening. But currently we are not capable of predicting when the next magnetic reversal might occur.

It could happen tomorrow... but as well it may within the next few thousand years.

2012 doomsday scenario believers say that we are in the early stage of a polar reversal.

However, simply because the magnetic field of the Earth is weakening doesn't mean it is going to collapse completely. In our times geomagnetic field is still strong when compared over a period of a few million years.

Also, we should keep in mind that reversal substantially differs from the shift; that is eventual geomagnetic reversal would bring forth quite different scenario than the catastrophic pole shift.

Still, there are many, who assert with confidence, that 2012 polar shift (or eventually 2012 magnetic reversal) is just about to happen.

Not too long ago the above-mentioned “2012” movie has added fire to previously heated debate about what may happen on December 21, 2012. It's not very surprising, that catastrophic theories have found considerably more fertile ground since that time. The memorable blockbuster screening intensified already existing common uncertainty about the near future. Hence, what we see today is larger than ever number of concerned people asking “will the poles shift in 2012?” or basically: “will there be catastrophic events in 2012?”.

So, where to look for The Truth?
Should we now believe “the Hollywood”, catastrophic book authors or ...?


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